Caversham Reunions

In 2005 and 2006 the WA Sporting Car Club held reunions of Caversham drivers. The oldest driver to turn up was Wally Higgs, who was in his 90s and has since died. So too has Rod Mitchell.
These are some of the photos I took which actually turned out. A few additional photos from the Sir Jack Brabham Reserve dedication, 2009, have now been added.

Barry Ranford Jr
Bernie Zampatti
Bob Ilich
Bob Kingsbury
Brian Rhodes
Bruce Mutton
Dick Ward
Don Hall
Don O'Sullivan
Jeff Dunkerton
Jim Harwood
The late John Budgen
John Glasson
John Walker
Leo Stubber
Neville Cooper
Noel Mitchell
Peter Briggs
Peter Nicol
The late Rod Mitchell
Rod Slater
Rod Styles
Rod Waller
Ross Bennett
Stan Starcevich
Stuart Kostera
Terry Lemay
Tony Macalinden
I know the face, but...
Vic Watson
The late Wally Higgs
John Alford 2009
Garry Griffiths 2009
Ray Davies 2009
Gordon Mitchell 2009
Sir Jack Brabham 2009
Graham Purchas 2009
Peter Van der Struyf 2009
Stan Starcevich 2009