Updated February 2016

Trials and Rallies have been poorly reported in the mainstream press over the years which means that many of the results have been lost, probably forever. This section will collect together in one place all that can be found. The results so far collected here are naturally very incomplete, gathered up from materials readily to hand. This document will be expanded as time goes by.

The main sources so far are:

Contemporary Newspapers (early years)
Club Torque - Magazine of the Light Car Club of WA
The Visor - Magazine of the WA Sporting Car Club
Racing Car News
Websites devoted to rallying


Official results from original sources.

I have divided the results into two documents, the first covering the period up to the end of the 2008 season. The second starts with the 2009 season and will continue until it is about 30 pages long, after which a third document will be created (if I last that long). The documents are in Adobe PDF format.

As of 1 Feb 2012 there has been a big expansion of the pre-2008 Results, thanks to the Vanderbyls, who sent me a fat envelope of results sheets from their rally days.