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This section holds the Western Australian motor race results from the first recorded race in Perth in 1901 to the end of calender year 2010. I will not be adding any race results past 2010 in the forseeable future as results since 2003 are readily available elsewhere (e.g. Natsoft website). However, I will collect future results with a view to adding at some later date.

Organisation of the Results

The results are contained in a large number of Adobe Portable Document Format files, (.pdf format), with the underlying documents being created in Microsoft Word. In the early years, when there wasn't much racing, I have mostly grouped the results into five-year spans. From the mid-1950s each document covers one year. From 1990 the increasing size of the documents means they have been split into six-month sections, principally to speed up dowload times.


These results are of motor car "road racing" - that is, circuit racing and closely related speed events such as hillclimbs and sprints, plus historic and modern regularity events. Motorcycle racing results are not included except where they are part of a combined car/motorcycle race event. Speedway is also not included. Trials and rallys are included, although far, far from complete.


Until WW2 the main sources have been contemporary newspapers. The major Perth newspaper, The West Australian, saw itself as the "newspaper of record" and regularly published reports and results of most motor sports events. Unofrtunately for the historian, these are mostly of the first three places only for each race. Country newspapers also regularly devoted many column inches to the "around the houses" races run in their area. I have been wonderfully helped in this period by Brian Lear, a motoring historian in New South Wales who sent me a great stack of press clippings, saving me many long eye-glazing hours reading microfilm copies of newspapers.

From about 1950 the W A Sporting Car Club's own monthly magazine, The Visor, began publishing race results, even individual lap times. Unfortunately, this was a bit erratic. Not all results were published this way: some were simply run off on a Duplicator and sent out to club members, and these sheets have seldom survived. The result is that the 1960s are still a bit patchy, not helped by the then-declining interest in the daily press in reporting local motor racing.

The WASCC has, fortunately, retained virtually all of its results since the move to Wanneroo Park/Barbagallo Raceway at the end of the 1968 season. So the source for all the results from 1969 on is the WASCC itself. However, there are still gaps. For instance, the results of some 1987 Formula Ford races have been taken from the files and not replaced. The results of a number of 300-km races are similarly still AWOL. Scott Mackay, a motor racing enthusiast in Victoria, has generously sent me a lot of results for the 1960s and 1970s periods which I didn't have.

Results since mid 2002 are available at . These are more detailed than the versions I have here, and have the additional bonus of including individual lap times for every competitor in every race.

The historic regularity events, usually held in a country town in the manner of the 1930s to 1960s "around the houses" racing, and which began in 1980, are now mostly run by the Vintage Sports Car Club. The results of the early years are very sketchy, unfortunately, but those I do have are sourced from the VSCCWA. These events are incorporated into the main body of race results.

The Speed Event Series (SES), a recent development, comprises a number of hillclimbs and srpints at various venues around the State, run by several different car clubs. Those results which I do have are supplied by the Clubs themselves. The series began in 1998. I intend to have these events split out into their own documents, and so far 2003, 2004, and 2006 to 2008 have been split out. I can't positively identify a number of sprints and hillclimbs in other years as SES events, so until I do they live with the main body of races. There are very large gaps in the results for this series.

State Championships 1955-1968

State Championships 1969-2008

WA's Australian Touring Car Championship Rounds, 300 km Races, and other Enduro races

Lap records

Race Results

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Speed Events

SES 1998
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Missing Data 1969-on

The table below shows individual races, and entire race meetings, which are missing from the WASCC results archives from 1969 onwards.

The chances are that all the "missing" 1973 races are motorcycle races, as many joint meetings were held that year. Only race programmes can resolve this, and I don't have them. The missing 300 km results sheets were no doubt borrowed to work out all the class places in the days after the meetings, and unfortunately not replaced on file. The 1987 files are very patchy. There is a (steadily diminishing) possibility that the missing data may yet turn up in another archive box, but there are very few boxes now left which haven't ben investigated.

197312 Aug: Races 4, 12
199022-23 Jun (ATCC): Races 5, 6, 11, 12
 16 Sep: Races 3, 4, 7, 8, 111993Feb (if held)
 2 May: Race 91995Feb: races 11, 15, 17-19, 21
19768 May: Race 8 (300 km race)1996Feb, June meetings (if held)
1977 17 Sep: Race 5 (300 km race)1997April 1-2, events 1-13 (all Day 1)
197826 Oct: Race 7 (300 km race)1998Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec meetings
1980 25 Oct: Race 7 (300 km race)2000March Night Masters;
1987May meeting, all (if there was one)
September, October meetings
Jun 14: Races 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 142001June meeting;
Possibly September, November meetings
Aug meeting, all (if there was one)
1 Nov: Races 1-8
2002March Night Masters
198927 Aug: Race 11  
 26 Nov: Race 14 (probably scrubbed)