Sneak Preview: The Sequel to "Around the Houses"

Above Left: Mockup of a Cover - title and design not yet settled, but the idea is to have a fairly fancy
modern 3d graphic for the title laid over the full-colour background image/s, something
beyond my skill I'm afraid. Middle: Introduction page; Right, sample feature article layout.

Above Left and Centre: Some sample article layouts.Right: A sample page from the section devoted to profiles of people.

About the Content

The book is laid out in three major sections, just as Around the Houses was. An encyclopedia format is really the only way to deal with such a mass of information.

An overall introduction, a narrative of the story to date, broadly covering the racing, the circuit/s, and the people.

The Racing: The major races, such as Six-Hours, 300 km, AGP and so on. Then within this section the categories and Championships, Torque Trophy, Historics,Speed events etc

The People: Mini-biographies - profiles really - of a large selection of people who have won Championships or major races, or who have contributed to the racing scene in a substantial way, or who are just so colouful, or durable, that leaving them out would be absurd.

I anticipate about 300 pages, all in colour. My best guess is that I am about 2/3 the way through so far.