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WA Championships 1969-2008

Single Seaters / Sports Cars / Sedan Cars / Street Cars

There has been a proliferation of West Australian Championships in recent years, from the original three in 1969 - Racing, Sports and Touring - to the 2008 season's amazing list:

Formula Ford 1600
Formula Ford Pre 1988
Formula Vee 1600
Formula Vee 1200
Historic Front Engine Cars
HQ Holdens
Improved Production Cars up to 2000cc
Improved Production Cars
Marque Sports Cars
Pre 1965 Historic Touring Cars
Pre 1972 Historic Touring Cars
Pre 1972 Historic Touring Cars under 2000cc
Racing and Sports Cars (as per 13.2)
Saloon Cars Commodore VN and Falcon EA
Saloon Cars Commodore VT and Falcon AU
Sports Cars
Sports Sedans
Street Cars

Championships were originally determined by a single race, later modified to two or three races at a single race meeting, and finally to the present system where they are decided by points scored at various specified races throughout the season. The point scoring system now used is 20 15 12 10 8 6 4 3 2 1 for the first 10 places.

Some Championships have higher status than others. To qualify as a CAMS recognised State Championship, a single-race event had to be over 50 miles or more, and this wasn't always the case. Then, soo, Championships were occasionally rebranded. For a year or so, faced with CAMS pressure, the Street Car Class, not nationally recognised, was rebranded Junior Sports Sedans. I have ignored that distinction here.

These tables are still incomplete at this stage, and are being prepared as part of the research for the forthcoming "Around the Raceway" book, to establish whose biographic profiles will apear in it. As research continues, the gaps will be progressively eliminated.

I don't propose to take this Championship table beyond 2010 for the forseeable future. They are grouped according to broad category: Single Seater Cars; Sports Cars; Sedan Cars; and Street Cars, a category which included some sports cars.

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Single Seaters / Sports Cars / Sedan Cars / Street Cars