Western Australian Trial, Rally and Autocross Gallery

An assortment of pics from ancient and not so ancient trials and rallies

Jeff Dunkerton, climbing the Darling Range scarp, late 1960s
Barry Percival, sweeper for Rally Australia
Ross Dunkerton, Canberra, 1970s
John Glasson and Peter Longley, Light Car Club Safari, late 1960s
Sobieslaw Zasada explodes past the camera, London-Sydney Marathon 1968.
Phil Petersen, fully airbone, Autocross, 1970s
1976 Rally of the West, winners Rainsford/West of South Australia
Clive Slater, 1974 Mandurah Autocross
John Dawson-Damer (right) and driver, his first wife, 1000-mile rally, late 1960s
Dennis Sutton clocks in, Moulyinning, 1969 2000-Mile Rally
The Premier flags away John Neal and Dave Manners in the Pace Car, 1976 Rallywest
Opening a station gate, near Grants Patch, goldfields, 1969 2000 Mile Rally
Jeff Dunkerton and Rod Vanderstraaten interviewed at end of 1969 TVW7 2000 Mile Rally
Dazed look was normal in days of all-night high-speed car trials: Ross Dunkerton, Safari, 1974
Geoff White/Phil Petersen Honda 1300 didn't finish the 1976 Rally of the Rising Sun. Both OK.