Harry Smith's Album

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The second Narrogin 1400 mile trial, 1956 - a gruelling adventure through scrub and sandhills as far as Balladonia and Israelite Bay and (if you were lucky) back. Among the competitors is Eddie Perkins of Victoria, Aub Melrose, and Harry Smith's brother Les.

1950 Narrogin Flying 50

The only three motor racing photos in the album: Harry was a trials man at heart, but also the power behind the Narrogin Car Club.
TOP LEFT: Brammer in the Wolseley Hornet; TOP RIGHT, Barry Ranford in the speedcar; BOTTOM, Doug Gilbert, Vauxhall 30/98.

1955 Narrogin 1400 Trial (The first event)

The survey team, 1955. That's Harry Smith leaning in the front door.
The caption on the back says Madura Pass, but it isn't. It's somewhere on the spectacular coast east of Esperance.
No program or results details unfortunately, so I can't identify the crews unless the details are on the back.
Clive Barendrecht, Peugeot 203 Van.
Yes, it's an Austin A30.
Looks like a Holden FX.
Probably Laurie Hordacre, the winner, making his speech.

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